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SMCC Higher Education Research Journal
ISSN Print: 2449-4402· e-ISSN: 2467-6322 · Volume 2 · April 2016
Published by Saint Michael College of Caraga
Nasipit, Agusan del Norte
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Effects of Emotional Empowerment and Self-Efficacy Techniques on the Psychological Well-Being of Secondary School Teachers in Ogun State, Nigeria: an Empirical Analysis

This study examined the effects of emotional empowerment (EE) and self-efficacy techniques (SET) on psychological well-being of public secondary school teachers in Ogun State. A pre-test-post-test, control group quasi experimental design with 3x2x3 factorial matrix was adopted. The multi-stage sampling technique was used to select 120 public secondary school teachers (61 males and 59 females) who participated in the study. The participants were randomly assigned to two treatment groups (EE and SET) and a control group. The training programmes lasted eight weeks. Well-being Manifestation Measure Scale (alpha =0.79) was used to collect data. Two hypotheses were tested at 0.05 level of significance. Data were subjected to Analysis of Covariance and Scheffe analysis for the post-hoc There was a significant main effect of treatment on the participants’ psychological well-being (F (2,101) = 12.824, p < .05). Emotional empowerment was more effective in enhancing psychological well-being (x' = 115.80) than self-efficacy (x' = 108.18). It was also noted that the intervention programme accounted for 29.1% (multiple R2 = 0.291) of the changes observed in the psychological well-being of the teachers. Emotional empowerment was more effective in enhancing teachers’ psychological well-being in public secondary schools. Counselling psychologists should, therefore, apply the two therapies in assisting teachers manage stress at work and enhance their psychological well-being.

Course Material Development and Availability as Determinants of Students’ Academic Performance in National Open University of Nigeria

This study attempts to find the factors affecting the development of course materials and its availability, how these determine students’ academic performance in National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN). The study examines whether there are enough course writers/developers for programmes offered. Research questions are raised and hypotheses formulated to guide the study. The instrument used for data collection was the questionnaire, administered on the sampled students from five (5) schools in two study centres in Ogun (Abeokuta) and Oyo (Ibadan) states. Descriptive tables, simple percentages, five points Likert scale are used. Chi-square test is also adopted in the analysis. The major findings of the study are that there are enough course writers / developers for the various programmes offered by NOUN, and there is timely release of fund to enhance printing and transportation of course materials for its availability to students among others. These adequate provisions enhance better reading culture in students which positively affect their academic performances in NOUN. The study concluded that even though the university is doing well, it needs more experienced/ qualified course writers/developers to enhance more quality production of course materials for all old and new programmes offered at NOUN.

Literacy: Political Emancipation and Sustainable Development

This study sought to determine the extent to which literacy education facilitated acquisition, and development of intellectual skills. The study also sought to find out whether literacy education enhanced performance of civic responsibilities, mobilization of grassroots people for political participation, democratic governance and continuous life-long learning for sustainable development. The study adopted the descriptive survey research design while a purposive multistage random sampling procedure was adopted in selecting and administering questionnaire to the respondents. A total of 146 (88 males and 58 females) respondents of intact classes (groups) of learners. The questionnaire and interview schedule were the primary research instruments used in collecting data for the study. The results showed that 91.78 per cent of the respondents asserted that literacy resulted into development of intellectual skills, self-reflection, awareness creation and sensitiveness to social issues. Similarly, the results showed that 87.67 percent of the participants concurred that through dialogue, inquiry, sensitivity to cause and effect relations, and expression of the rights to self-determination, literacy engendered compliance with rules and regulations, and mobilization of grassroots people for political participation and democratic governance.

Three Approaches to Coping with Exercise Duration Boredom among Sedentary Workers in Festac Town, Lagos State, Nigeria


This study was carried out to find out which exercise boredom coping strategy works better in making exercisers cope with boredom during exercise. The strategies investigated were: Music, Video/Audio-visual aid and internal counting of repetitions. Fifteen subjects in groups of five were used in the study. Each group exercised for four weeks each, three times a week. They exercised using the treadmill and cycle ergometer alternatively. The variables studied in this research were; exercise duration, exercise compliance, and perceived exertion. The study revealed that subjects that exercised with music had the higher duration (28.58s), higher exercise compliance index (4.60) and rate of perceived exertion (8.02), indicating that music did have an effect on exercise duration boredom. The hypothesis was that music-aided exercise will not have a significant effect on exercise duration boredom was rejected. According to the findings, the video had a relatively low effect on exercise duration boredom, as represented by lower exercise duration (22.30s), lower exercise compliance index (3.87) and the lower rate of perceived exertion. ‘Internal counting of repetitions fared better than video watching but not as high as listening to music while exercising.

Learning Styles and Learning Strategies of Students in Technical Institutes Accredited by Technical and Vocational Training Corporation (TVTC) in Saudi Arabia

The study determined the relationship between the learning styles and strategies of students in technical institutes accredited by TVTC in Saudi Arabia. It assesses the extent of practice of the students’ along learning styles and the level of students’ preference in the following strategies: Memorization, Problem Solving, Experimentation, Group Study and Immersion. Descriptive method was used and stratified sampling is utilized for the sample having a total of 321 student-respondents. Data were tabulated and interpreted using weighted mean, correlation analysis and analysis of variance. The study revealed that students practiced much of the learning styles; except for memorization which is moderately preferred, other strategies were highly preferred. The extent of practice on the different styles and the level of preference on the different strategies have low correlation. There is no significant difference in the extent of practice of the different styles and level of preference on the different strategies by institute and year level.

The Facilitating and the Hindering Factors in the Implementation of Government Assistance to Students and Teachers in Private Education (GASTPE) Program and Its Contribution to the Participating Secondary Schools

The study was initiated to determine both the hindering and facilitating factors in the implementation of Government Assistance to Students and Teachers in Private Education program and its contribution to the participating secondary schools in Butuan City and Agusan del Norte, Caraga Region, Philippines. Descriptive research design was used with 902 respondents: ten school heads, 108 teachers, 392 ESC grantee-students and 392 parents of the ESC grantees. DepEd Orders were utilized as one of the references. The statistical tools used were Mean, Frequency Count, and ANOVA one way. Results showed that GASTPE has improved the school quality and maintained financial viability of the private secondary schools, improved the standards of the school, cost-effective, helps keep the teachers stay in school for long ; makes secondary education accessible to students even the poor and marginalized. Meanwhile, refusal of the principals to declare “aisle” students; lack of parental support, and the amount of subsidy and distance of home from school are the hindering factors. The study concludes that GASTPE has improved the performance of the beneficiary schools and has met what is expected per guidelines of implementation

Self-Efficacy, English Proficiency and Effectiveness of Teachers of English in the Secondary Schools

This study was conducted to describe the self-efficacy, English proficiency, and teaching effectiveness of teachers teaching English in the public secondary schools of the Division of Ilocos Norte. Specifically, it examined the relationships among the teacherrespondents’ socio-demographic characteristics, their level of self-efficacy, English proficiency, and teaching effectiveness. Also, implications related to the teaching of English as a second language were drawn. The study utilized the descriptive-correlational method using survey questionnaires, classroom observations and interviews. Data were taken from the public secondary schools in the division of Ilocos Norte. Results of the study reveal significant relationships among teachers’ socio-demographic characteristics, level of self-efficacy, English proficiency, and teaching effectiveness. Evidence in this study about the relationship among the variables highlights the importance of enhancing English proficiency and developing self-efficacy among teachers in the secondary schools. The results of this study illustrate the importance of language proficiency as the foundation of teachers’ confidence. Also, teachers’ judgments about their teaching competence influence their effectiveness in teaching. These findings suggest that English proficiency enhancement and self-efficacy development should be considered as means to address issues and problems in language teaching.

Men, on Homosexuality: Knowledge, Attitudes and Views

As education continues to face the challenge of meeting learners’ needs, there is an increasingly strong argument for bringing sexuality in the modern age group. There are also conflicting views and attitudes towards homosexuality which affect teacher’s performance. This quantitative-qualitative research aimed to find out the knowledge, attitudes and views of male teachers on homosexuality. Complete enumeration of the 381 male teachers of State Universities and Colleges in Iloilo served as the respondents of the study. Data were collected through a sample survey and Focus Group Discussion (FGD) and processed using the Social Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS). Respondents had an average level of knowledge and favorable attitude which vary according to marital status, religion, family environment and peer influence. No significant association was found between knowledge and attitudes towards homosexuality. Marital status, religion, family environment and peer influence are significant predictors of male teachers’ knowledge and attitudes towards homosexuality. The respondents had a better grasp of the concepts of homosexuality which could yield to a better understanding of homosexual behaviors. They are now more accepting, permissive and open minded with the concept of homosexuality and they are more likely to recognize homosexuality as an acceptable behavior in the society.

Philippine Economic Growth: The Significance of TVET©

The study revisits the impact of TVET sub-sector to Philippine economic growth. With the enactment of TESDA in 1994, the economy expects to achieve economic growth, poverty reduction and ultimately, development. The multiple regression technique, with GDP growths as the dependent variable and growths in agriculture, industry, services sectors and a dummy variable for TVET and its interactions as quantitative and qualitative regressors, was used. The observation period runs from 1985 to 2012. Results showed that while TVET relates significantly to real GDP growths 99%, its impact is unfelt in the agriculture sector, the largest employing sector of the country. Moreover, although its effect is significant in both the services and industry sectors, the impact is rather low or opposite to expectations. To this effect, despite the presence of TVET, poverty in Philippine society remains a sticky challenge.

Classroom Supervisory Practices and Their Relationship to Teacher Effectiveness As Perceived By Secondary Teachers

The study determined the relationship between classroom supervisory practices and teacher effectiveness among the secondary teachers. It used the descriptive correlational research design that involved the forty-five (45) teachers of four secondary schools. The independent variable is classroom supervisory practices measured in terms of the types of supervisory visit, post-visit conference, observation report, and observation techniques. The dependent variable is teacher effectiveness measured in terms of personal characteristics, objectives of the lesson, content, teaching procedure, instructional tools and classroom management. A researcher-made instrument was designed to facilitate the collection of data that were statistically interpreted using the mean, t-test, Pearson product moment correlation of coefficient, and analysis of variance. Compliance to research ethics was done through informed consent. The respondents are mostly female, middle-aged who are within the age ranged of 31 to 40 years and with units in master’s degree. On teacher effectiveness, the respondents are rated in terms of personal characteristics and rated “very good” item “showing evidence of intellectual honesty”. In the items of “punctuality” and “cheerfulness and good humored” they rated “very good”

Professional Development and Skills Performance in Two Higher Educational Institutions of Northeastern Mindanao, Philippines

The study examined the professional development and skills performance in two higher educational institutions of Northeastern Mindanao, Philippines. The study used the descriptive method employing the survey technique. It was conducted in two institutions using a survey questionnaire. The study used the mean and t-test. Results showed that the respondent’s schools were outstanding in skills performance. Significant differences were --- in bartending and room serving. The study concludes that the knowledge and skills in waitering, bartending and room servicing can compete globally.

High School Students Disciplinary Behavior in a Catholic Private School

Discipline is a big challenge to the educational system. The school as a moral laboratory shares with the parents the responsibility of unveiling the underneath causes of the disciplinary problems that impede the smooth character formation of the students. In the school the student’s moral upbringing is gradually polished of the rough edges that were left unattended during the growth period. The school serves as a copartner of the parents in the moral, mental, social, emotional and physical development of the students. This study dealt with disciplinary problems and the causes of high school students in St. Nicholas Catholic School of Anda, Bohol, Philippines. There were reported cases from the school authority of truancy, absenteeism, and other related misconduct committed by some high school students. It is with great moral concern of the study in a assisting the teachers and parents in handling cases of undisciplined students. It is hope that this study would be an effective instrument that guide the school in the formation of the learners.

Interpersonal, Leadership and Supervisory Skills of the Administrators of the Cluster a Schools of the Diocese of Butuan, Mindanao, Philippines

The level of interpersonal, leadership and supervisory skills must be determined to design enhancement programs to elevate their skills. The researcher aimed to find out the interpersonal, leadership and supervisory skills of the Cluster A schools administrators of the Diocese of Butuan, Mindanao, Philippines. The study used the descriptive type of research which utilized a questionnaire as the main instrument for data gathering supplemented by focus group discussion. The following statistical tools were used weighted mean and Frequency. Results showed that interpersonal skills are a strong predictor of business and professional success as well as an indicator of a decrease in organizational success, and problem solving. Supervisory skills play a major role in creating atmosphere in the school system stimulating to the growth of more admirable qualities among the personnel and the teaching staff. It is the scope of instructional supervision to stimulate and inspire the teachers to do creative work and to encourage them to grow professionally. The study concludes that administrators of the Cluster A schools of the Diocese of Butuan are at all times practicing the skills of interpersonal and supervisory while at many times practicing the skills of leadership. Among the different skills, the area of leadership has the lowest rating and the interpersonal has the highest.